YouTube Tests Floating Comments Section on Android

In Youtube on Android, we have experienced several changes and tweaks. We have also had other ongoing UI testing. Now, Youtube on the floating comment part of Android Tests when you watch videos in country mode. This feature was spotted by several people.

The comment area presently disappears when we go full screen with a video. But live streams display a live conversation log that half obscures whatever you see on the left-hand side of the display. However, some Android users have recently found a floating comment box for content in the YouTube app.

You may scroll through the entire YouTube video comment area using the new feature. As we see in the live stream, it works a little differently. The Comment Box is sliding from the right of your display when you go full-screen, and the video content is shrunk so that nothing is muted.

YouTube worked on a new comment feature timed last month. The company stated that its users can remark on a particular moment in the video. Thus, everybody who watches may view their video comment at the appropriate moment.