All Android APK Apps Replacing With A New Format for Google Play Applications

Google Play has stated that it will have to list new apps in the all-new android publishing format, the Android App Bundle (AAB).

In the future, AAB will replace APKs as the standard application publishing format throughout the Play Store.

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Depending on the language and configuration you support, the new Android Application Bundle optimize app files for device distribution. Compared to normal APK, the app size is 15 percent smaller. App bundles demand that programs are no larger than 150MB, so they may be downloaded faster and coupled with faster installs and fewer uninstalls.

The AAB format is open source by default, which means that it may be adopted by other stores.

The Android App Bundle was established in May 2018 with more than 1 million apps. Adobe, Duolingo, Gameloft, Netflix and Twitter are some great names. A few games and related apps also run on AAB in the top 1000 list.

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