All income from privatisation Take the Pension Fund and Allow Poverty

A thorough briefing on the entire work and performance of the Ministry of Privatization and its affiliated departments was held in the parliamentary assembly on Thursday, chaired by Senator ShamminAfridi.

The meeting was organised to examine the measure 'Privatization Commission (Amendment) Bill 2021' submitted by the House.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Privatization has informed the Ministry's Organizational Structures Committee split into the Division for Privatization and the Privatization Commission.

The committee was aware of the government using 99 percent (90 percent) of the money from privatisation for the federal debt withdrawal and the reduction of poverty (10 percent).

Senator Sabir Shah stressed the monitoring and evaluation of the privatisation process (strategic sale). In reply to a query from Senator Sabir Shah, ministry officials indicated that the federal cabinet approves the transaction structure.

It was also asked whether there was a comparison before the auction between the market price and the reference price. The representatives of the ministry answered that world-class financial consultants are chosen to assess the companies.

The authorities stated the privatisation procedure was entirely transparent and was approved by the PC board, the CCoP and the government.

Senator Irfan Siddique questioned who was initiating decisions on the privatisation of entities and the ministry officials told him that the Cabinet Committee got the initial proposals.

Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar urged reform of the privatisation process and said the unused territory is the asset of Pakistan and is being reclaimed for economic progress.

Senator Muhammad Qasim remarked that from the approval of the privatisation company to the implementation in order to retain the upward course of the economy a certain period should be established.

The acceptance for the privatisation of the institutes was seriously expressed by senator Mian Raza Rabbani. He added that it cannot be disregarded by law to approve the Privatization Council of Common Interest (CCI). He also inquired about the conclusion prevailing if there is a dispute of approval between Cabinet and the Common Interest Council (CCI). The representatives answered that if there were such disagreements, the privatisation process would not go place.

Senator Mehmood Hassan recommended that the country's assets be preserved and preserved, in order to thoroughly assess whether a corporation should be sold or leased.

The committee members requested that the chair be given time to consider the measure since copies of the bill had been received in the late evening, and the bill cannot be studied. The Committee of Presidents postponed the draught at the next meeting

Minister Mian Muhammad Soomro, Senator Anwar-ul-Haq, Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, Senator Muhammad Sabe Shah, Anwar Lal Dean and Molvi Faiz Muhammad participated in the meeting. Multiofertas - ¿Qué estás buscando? The attendance was also attended by senior officials from the Commission on Privatization and Privatization and from the Minister of Law and Justice.

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