Amazon convinced Apple to remove Fakespot Review Analyzer

Fakespot is no longer accessible for iOS, an app that scans Amazon reviews for finding which one is false. Amazon succeeded in convincing Fakespot to be removed from the App Store. The program gives false information and poses possible security risks, Amazon argued. The e-commerce giant says the software identifies rogue vendors and false writes in your shop wrongly.

"It is a right for customers to understand when reading a false review whether you get a bogus product that is fraudulent and dangerous. It's broken this system."

"Amazon is working hard to build a shopping experience to please our customers, and to construct and develop a sales experience for brands and sellers. The software gives false information to customers about our sellers and their items, damages our sellers' companies and poses potential safety hazards. Apple's evaluation of this application against its rules on Appstore is welcomed."

The app uses artificial intelligence, according to Fakespot. The more data entering the system, the more fakes the system detects. But Amazon has revised Fakespot items that are untrustworthy and has discovered 80% of the time to be incorrect. 

"This dispute was launched by Amazon on 8 June and within hours we ensured all parties had contact, explaining the issue and steps for the developer to maintain the app in the store to correct it and giving them with plenty time. On June 29, before we took away their software from the app store, we reached Fakespot again for weeks."

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