AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shot 94% protective against death in over 65s

In a weekly surveillance update of real-world data on Thursday, Public Health England noted that two doses of vaccinated Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID- 19 provide an estimated 94 percent protection for people over 65 from death from the disease.

PHE stated that the majority of data was obtained from the era while the alpha variation was still dominant, initially detected in the UK and did not provide a particular death protection estimate which was first detected in India with the vaccination against the currently wider delta variant.

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In addition, PHE reported that early estimates for the under the 40s showed that 61% effective a single dose of Pfizer's vaccine against the symptomatic disease and 72% effective a single dose of Moderna vaccine.

Jamie Lopez Bernal, PHE Consultant Epidemiologist, said that "this data gives us even more confidence that vaccinations provide a high level of COVID-19 protection across all age groups.

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