CCP Chairman Accused “Conflict of Interest” investigation into  Foodpanda

The Chairperson of the competition commission of Pakistan (CCP), Rahat Kunain, is allegedly faced with charges of conflict of interest as she has been denied participation in Foodpanda proceedings,

The news source said that last week the members of the Commission organised an internal conference to verify the authenticity of the All Pakistan Restaurant Association's official complaint against her (APRA).

In a letter to the President on 1 July 2021, APRA recently lodged a formal complaint in contravention of Sections 3 and 4 of the Competition Act 2010, which is pending in front of the CPC, against R-SC Interest Services Private Limited (Foodpanda Pakistan).

The letter further says that APRA has been aware of the active interaction between Foodpanda and a legal firm named Kaunain Nafees (HKN). The Association considers there to be a conflict of interest because of HKN's chairwoman being a partner until her appointment as CCP chairperson in July 2020 as well as the fact that her husband still retains the post of senior partner at HKN.

Despite HKN being Foodpanda counsel, the chairman was active in supervising procedures. The association stated. Nor did she make any attempt at rejecting to distancing herself from the events during the meeting or elsewhere, the letter says.

Section 25 of the 2010 Competition Act deals extensively with disclosure of interest by the Commission members, including the President, and it is consequently the responsibility of other Commission members to ensure that the Commission's business is operated transparently so that the Commission's reputation as an institution is maintained.

Consequently, last week the CCP members had an internal meeting to address the President's issues and actions.

They were also informed by a press release that a Foodpanda investigation on the APRA complaint had begun.

The Commission replied to the media, in response to the President's concerns, saying "All charges in connection to the conflict of interest issues are fake and groundless and were refuted by the President," continued the newspaper report.

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