Class 9th Mathematics Question Paper Leaked for Board Exams in Sindh

The Class 9 Mathematical test paper was distributed on social media before the official start of a Thursday after mishandling and turmoil of the secondary school certificate (SSC) annual examination in the city of Karachi.

The leakage of examination question papers continues in Sindh, notwithstanding the safety guarantees of the Karachi Secondary Education Board (BSEK).

The review was slated to begin at 9.30 a.m. in the province, but the question paper was accessible online 30 minutes in advance. There was an infringement of transparency when the Board promised to improve the security and dissemination procedures of the documents.

The applicants and guests at the test centres freely use mobil phones and numerous messaging apps in Larkana have leaked and shared the biology question paper.

This is the third day of leakage in the province after Tuesday and Wednesday in question papers on physics and mathematics of Class 10.

Given the scenario, Section 144 was enforced outside Sindh's test facilities by the provincial administration to prevent additional leakage and breaches.\

Under the new limitations, test centres are now 'restricted zones' and are only allowed to be entered by individuals who have admittance cards and duties. In addition, employees were prohibited from using cell phones during tests.

The provincial government saw the bad administration and called the BSEK control exam. After mismanagement and turmoil during the annual Matriculation Examinations 2021, the controller provided consultant Nisar Khuhro for corrective actions.

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