Convidecia COVID-19 Vaccine price is decided by the Govt

On Tuesday, the government cabinet finalised the retail pricing for the private sector-imported COVID-19 single-dose vaccination CanSinoBIO, Convidecia.

The pricing of a tri-dose Convidecia package was determined at Rs 12,168, in accordance with the details.

AJ Pharma is CanSinoBIO's local partner and has already imported about 300,000 Convidecia dosages, which are only available in five hospitals doing their clinical trials in early this year.

The price of the 2-dose Russian COVID-19 vaccination Sputnik V imported by AGP Limited at Rs. 8 449 was determined by the federal cabinet in April this year.

Rs. 16,560, rs. 10, rs. 40,555, and 20, rs. 81,110, was determined at the four-dose Sputnik V package pricing.

In February this year, the federal government agreed to enable medical firms to import vaccinations and to establish the price for them without government influence.

However, the Federal Government, following considerable criticism, abrogated its plan next month to let the private sector, after importing them, to determine Coronavirus pricing.

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