Cuba Offers to Establish A Vaccine Production Centre in Pakistan

Cuba offered Pakistan the possibility to create a vaccine production centre to speed up the vaccine's inoculation. The country would be able to use the facility for both local and export purposes as a result of this.

This was because Pakistan had reached a major milestone in its countrywide vaccination campaign, and with the fourth wave of COVID-19 on the way, the idea of a centre could be effective.

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At a meeting with science and technology minister Shibli Faraz, Cuban Ambassador Zener Javier Caro Gonzalez highlighted the suggestion. In addition, the health regulator for Cuba, the Autoridad Reguladora de Mdeicamentos (CECMED) said that the home-grown vaccine Abdala has been dispersed with a 92% efficiency in preventing Coronavirus after three doses on Friday.

As well as the bulk supply of other vaccines such as Sinopharm, CanSino, Sinovac, Pfizer, etc., this is another addition to the list of vaccinations Pakistan may use.

As of yet, in many cities and villages in the country, more than 20 million vaccine doses were administered, including 4 million doses supplied to individuals over 18 years of age.

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