Facebook is Investing 1 Billion Dollar for Content Creators

Facebook invests $1 billion to encourage Facebook and Instagram content-building developers. This is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg said yesterday, saying the firm is doing its best to maintain creators and to attract users.

The social media giant introduces bonuses for authors of content that are going to reward individuals for creating outstanding content. When the firm invests in key milestones, it will develop bonus programs to reward eligible producers. The funding will also lead to the development of their content by creators.

Once the incentive scheme is launched, artists will be able to see what bonuses the Instagram app may earn. It's presently available in your live feeds to people that sign up for advertisements.

In addition, Stars bonuses are provided as soon as certain milestones are reached to a group of players.

Only invitations are available for the first round of Instagram incentives. Creators will be inclined and rewarded for reaching milestones in live videos to include IGTV Ads into their videos. Creators on rolls are also awarded good content.

Bonuses should appear sometime in the summer on Instagram and Facebook.

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