Facebook Messenger Launches Sound Emojis just before of the World Emoji Day

Emojis are quite common today and that is why many applications have included them to make users feel better. Facebook is generally a pioneer for each new feature and followed by other social media sites. This time, the firm has produced Sound Emojis, Soundmojis, which makes the conversation sound more meaningful.

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Users on Facebook may use the emoji button to access Soundmojis in Messenger chats and then hit the Sound icon in the right corner. You will receive a list of sound emojis available. To check the accompanying sound, touch the emoji. Tap the send button and your loved ones will receive the emoji of your choice.

The sound of emojis is expected to occur because of the images connected with them. The goat emoji, for example, will say a bleat, while the clapping hands provide applause. Both were expected. However, some offer surprising musical sounds like hourglass playing the Drake "You only live once," that is the lyric of the sun, and a clip of "Good Morning" from Kanye West.

In addition, some of the emojis play videos of famous television series and movies. The emoji fist bump plays Dominic Toretto's iconic Fast & Furious 7 line "I have no friends, I have a family."

Right now, sound emojis are less varied, but Facebook has promised to regularly update them to new sounds, so you must keep checking them on.

World Emoji Day is tomorrow and the news has come to celebrate it right before it.

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