Facebook Releases its News Platform 'Bulletin'

Facebook has finally released its news platform, called Bulletin, which has been rumoured since. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the launch was a "response" to what is occurring in the media ecosystem during an audio conference.

A mix of free and paid newsletters will be included in the bulletin. Paid subscribers will not only have access to items behind paywalls but also to additional features such as special Facebook groups or badges.

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Like the substack newsletter, Facebook pays writers for adding newsletter content. Zuckerberg claimed Facebook will not cut its writers' revenue and allow them to accept their content and subscribers on other platforms.

Authors can also promote their content via podcasts, audio rooms and other media.

Facebook Releases its News Platform 'Bulletin'

In contrast to other news related initiatives on Facebook, Bulletin will reside off the main Facebook application. It has its own website and identity but uses distribution methods on Facebook. A newsletter will be added to a Facebook profile of the writer and its content may also be found on the integrated news feed of Facebook.

The first line-up of authors in the Bulletin includes both CNN and ESPN authors. Facebook defines the present platform as a "closed beta" and it is unclear whether more writers than those hand-picked by Facebook will be added to the screen.

However, it will not be long until it goes public now that it has officially been launched.

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