FBR is Taking Action on Steel and iron Factories in Sheikhupura

In the case of two iron and steel (steel ingot and other long-lasting profiling) industrial plants operating in neighbouring premises in the district of Sheikhupura, procedures were conducted following Section 25 and Section 45 of the Federal Excise Law, 2005.

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This was part of an effort to combat the melter and re-rollers implicated, in violation of section 3 of the Federal Excise Act 2005 (Section 5A) in mass evading federal excise duties by suppressing real manufacturing, supplies and the supply value of actual supplies.

These units did not pay federal excise duties owed by disclosure of real production and distribution in sales taxes on their dutiable supply.

A particular record that was under inspection during the search was imposed. Further research is being undertaken.

In order that duty fraud causes revenue losses totaling to hundreds of million rupees will be detected the General Intelligence Directorate and Investigation-Inland Revenue.

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