FBR Provides Special Power to Customs Officials For Re-Export Restricted Products

Since many years, Customs has detained a considerable quantity of prohibited consignments in the ports. The importers and shipping companies, which transported such prohibited consignments into Pakistan, did not however re-export the consignments.

The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) has given the customs officials an unique authority in the field training courses to provide directions to the carriers to re-export any prohibited or restricted products from Pakistan.

In the past, such capabilities in the field of direct shipping lines were not available to the customs agency.

The FBR informed the customs collectors in a transmission to the field groups that a series of deliveries conveying illegal or restricted items had been located at ports for a long time. Para20 of the Import Policy Order requires the importers or shipping lines to re-export prohibited commodities imports in commercial quantities. In the Customs Act of 1969 there is no such provision.

Section 82 has been changed, introduced by FBR's instruction, in order to make the shipping lines liable for re-exporting the shipments and for harmonising the terms of the Customs Act, 1969 and the IPO.

Under the constitution to Finance Act 2021 of Customs Act 1969, provided that the collector of customs may, or in case the importer is unable to be traced, direct the importer, by notice from the federal government, to re-export any goods banned or restricted from Pakistan to the shipping line, if they are not cleared or auctioned by the importer within sixty days of arrival.

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