FDE Takes Steps to Improve Schools in Islamabad

The Federal Education Directorate (FDE) has made many measures to improve the performance of schools in Muslim Capital Territory (ICT).

These stages involve auditing the schools of 2017-2021, allocating Rs. 120 million checks to families with deprived employees, introducing a mixed e-learning scheme and implementing Learn Smart Classroom project at 80 schools. These phases comprise:

The examination will be carried out for the charges charged for the previous 4 years, and includes hostel fees and degree funds, according to the FDE's Director-General, Dr. Ikram Ali Malik. The report indicated that it would review the specifics of employees' wages, night shifts and car expenditures and that it would evaluate their imbalance in the cost of models.

He said that schools were required to give information of bills, cash registers, car logbooks and inventory registers.

The FDE attempts to deal with the problems of teachers and teachers in public educational establishments in Islamabad.

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