Fine Google €500 million Copyright Issues French Regulators

A €500 million punishment has been imposed on Google by French Antitrust authority who reportedly failed to comply with copyright concerns for publishers in France.

In the context of increased international pressure on technology giants such as Google and Facebook to share revenues with media outlets, the report in Reuters reports indicates that the fines are being met.

Google provided its formal reaction to the punishment, noting that while maintaining a good faith relationship with publishers it's very dissatisfied with the decision. The IT giant stated in a statement,

Our goal remains the same: with formal agreement, we will turn this page. We take account of criticism from the French Competition Authority and adjust our offers.

A Google officer also backed the Google position on the issue and added that "we have done everything in good faith. The fine overlooks our attempts to negotiate and the fact that news functions on our platform."

French media organisations, including APIG, SEPM and AFP, have accused Google of not establishing 'a common ground for online payment of news material,' and if they do not reimburse the internet giant in the next two months, the penalty will amount to up to EUR 1,1 million per day.

It should be pointed out that this is France's biggest penalty ever for any firm failing to comply with the rules of the region.

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