First Time Pakistan’s Exports to US Cross 5 Billion Dollar

Pakistan's exports to the US grew by 39 per cent, as reported on Monday by Prime Minister Daweod's adviser on trade Abdul Razak, reaching $5.2 billion in FY2021 compared to $3.7 billion in FY2020.

"The first time in our history, our US exports have crossed the 5 billion-dollar milestone," he tweeted, indicating a rise of $ 1.45 billion.

"I applaud our exporters and our trade and investment officers (TIOs) in the US for their efforts. His tweet goes on:" I encourage our TIOs to make it easier for our exporters to further improve our exports."

The trade figures from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics indicate that Pakistan's exports rose by 18.11% from $21.394 billion over the same period previous year to $25.268 billion in July-June 2020-21.

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