Fix Unable to Cast YouTube to TV with TV Code

You can view videos from your iPhone or Android mobile on smart TV using the YouTube casting feature. In addition, you can play YouTube videos remotely on your TV on your phone. YouTube casting is actually very easy. To connect to TV code, tap the cast icon on the YouTube application and connect the two to the same WiFi network.

A 12-digit TV code must be entered on your smartphone on the YouTube app. Sometimes, your iPhone or Android smartphone cannot cast Youtube on TV. The TV code is not working, or the cast icon you found on the YouTube app is not working. You'll be fixed by the end of the article if you're also facing this problem.

How to cast YouTube and link with TV code

You don't connect your smartphone directly to TV at times, which is why you are suffering from Youtube casting. Instead, you may use your smart TV code to link your phone to the YouTube app. Of course, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This step-by-step instruction shows you exactly how you must achieve it.

  • Connect to the same Wi-Fi network on your phone and TV. This is an important step.
  • Now, on your iPhone or Android smartphone, open the YouTube app.
  • At the top right-hand corner of the application, click the cast icon.
  • Choose the option "Link with TV Code."

Fix Unable to Cast YouTube to TV with TV Code

  • Open your smart TV using the YouTube app.
  • Go to the Settings and select the Link with TV Code option. A 12-digit number can be found here.
  • Just enter your phone with this 12-digit YouTube app, and you did it. Now you can cast YouTube videos on your tv from your phone.

Fix Unable to Cast YouTube to TV with TV Code

Fix YouTube casting problem with TV

If you have problems casting YouTube with your TV, we have given some methods here that you may try to fix this problem -

1. Check Wi-Fi network

You may be unable to connect the YouTube app from your phone to your tv, and your Wi-Fi network is also unable. Just make sure your Wi-Fi works properly, and the network on both devices is sufficient.

2. Make sure both devices are on the same network

You might mistakenly connect your smartphone and TV to a different Wi-Fi network. Also, check whether you're using the same network bandwidth (3G, 4G, or 5G). They will not connect if their phone is connected to 4G and their TV to 5G. This usually occurs if your device is not compatible with the 5G network at home.

3. Restart your phone and TV

At times, because of technical failures, your phone and TV cannot connect to YouTube casting. So first, both devices are restarted, the best way to fix the issue. Then you will try to connect them to the above steps. This method appears useless, but it can work, so don't forget to try it and see whether it works for you or not.

4. Update YouTube app

Maybe you're using an older version of your phone's YouTube app that isn't casting compatible. Please update to iPhone/iOS the current version from the Google Play Store on the Android or Apple App Store. Again, try to connect YouTube to TV code then, and this time it may work.

5. Clear YouTube cached data

You may also try to clear the cached YouTube application data. If a technical failure exists in the app, this method can be corrected. Go to Settings >> Apps and find the YouTube App to clear the cached data on Android. Click on the Clear Data button afterward.

Fix YouTube link with TV code not working

You can't connect to youtube videos from the phone; sometimes, the TV code doesn't work with the Youtube app. Here we give a few easy fixes for this problem.
  • Make sure the correct TV code has been entered.
  • Go to TV code, open YouTube on your tv, and go to Settings. The 12-digit number that has to be entered in the YouTube app on your phone is found under Link with the TV Code.
  • Ensure you have the same Wi-Fi network connected to your phone and TV.
  • Both devices can be reconnected to Wi-Fi.
  • Restart and try both devices.
  • Update your phone system and YouTube app.

So these are some things you may try to fix the TV code YouTube connection that doesn't work. We hope that this tutorial will help you to fix your TV issue with the YouTube cast. You will not find any problem cast YouTube videos from your Android or iPhone on your smart TV if you did everything accordingly to this tutorial. Have you still have any issues in mind that we didn't answer here? Find out how to share it in the following comments.

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