Foreign PIBs investment 256 million Dollar for SBP Pakistan

According to figures released by the State Bank of Pakistan (FY), foreign investment in Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) generated net inflows of $ 256 million for the fiscal year 2021. (SBP).

In FY2021, the PIBs attracted 227.5 million dollars, with a 21.5 million result.

However, the inflows of stocks and T-bills, albeit significant, were lower than the outflows, leading to negative numbers in the two sectors.

Due to strong yields on government bonds worldwide, longterm domestic bond (PIBs) remained the most appealing option for foreign investors. On 9 June, ten-year PIBs gave a return of 9.84 percent at the auction.

At 118.5 million dollars and 115.3 million dollars followed by Luxembourg, the USA has contributed the most to PIBs' influx.

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Equity inflows and T-bills were significantly larger than PIBs, while outflows were highing above inflows. The shareholdings recorded flows and influxes of 1.101 million dollars and 681 million dollars, respectively, while of T-bills recorded 890 million dollars and 688 million dollars.

Compared with withdrawals of $2,013 million, the overall net inflows from PIBs, T-bills and shares was $1,647 million.

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