Google adds major Android gaming features to 12

Android 12 not only has improved user interface and speed, but also important game player upgrades. You'll be able to play games after you download the next version.

This should be especially beneficial in huge games like Genshin Impact or Call of Duty Mobile. The functionality is accessible on select Blizzard and EA's Origin shop computers and consoles. It's wonderful to see it finally comes on Android, however only games using Google's Play Asset Delivery mechanism are available.

In addition, Google has unveiled its new Android Game Development Kit, which will allow developers to leverage sophisticated features and simplify work without changing tools. This feature reduces fragmentation by enabling nearly all tools in all versions of Android. It is upgraded to accommodate future features of Android.

This also helps developers to monitor CPU and GPU performance for their games. They can also provide the users with these statistics.

On Google's you may view the entire list of planned game features

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