Google Chrome will Actively Direct you Away From Insecure Websites

Google is working aggressively to make Chrome secure. The newest findings show that Google Chrome directs users away from insecure websites that still use HTTP. Google is ready for upcoming updates with an HTTPS-only mode.

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We also know that Google preferred to use HTTPS websites and in its browser in 2018 it identified all HTTP sites as 'not secure.' Once Google launched Chrome 86 last year, users have been warned of insecure forms on HTTPS sites so that users may not submit sensitive information such as banking details.

He says that in "Advanced" we'll receive this feature with a new "Always use secure connections." If you enable this toggle, Google updates all browsing to HTTPS and warns you before loading sites that do not support it.'

If there was no HTTPS version of a site, Chrome will display a warning page before reverting to HTTP. Google will store any sites whose users may evade HTTP-Only mode. So the next time you visit them, Chrome won't ask you again.

Nothing about it has yet been released by Google. But Google is most likely to provide this feature in September, according to TechRadar. We will guide you about it once we acquire this feature officially.

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