Google Duo New Update Adds A ‘New Call’ button

Over the last year, Meeting gained full attention from Google, Duo hasn't gotten a useful upgrade for quite a while. Now, however, Google Duo has an app to simplify the app with a home screen design button called "New Call."

This feature is being developed by Google for Duo users. In the bottom-right corner, you can see the "New Call" button. The best search area for contacts and dials is also available, while the rest of the page comprises a grid of circular contacts.

Users may make calls directly to other users using this new button. Covers seeing (and inviting) contacts and group creation. The list of persons may also be researched.

The company stresses that in the course of the redesign, it "regulars all the features you enjoy." By pressing on a contact/group and clicking the button "Message," which is accessible today, you may send your messages (video or audio), notes or photos.

We took steps to simplify the dual home page and to preserve everything you enjoy inspired by your comments.

The new feature is certainly a decent attempt to simplify and simplify the Duo app. When the function is open to all, there is no time limit.

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