Google Meet VS Duo: google Did change its plan?

 In view of Google's rising popularity, Google has invested platform time and money. It was clear that we have new features and new subscribers every now and then and the platform. Rumors have also been heard that Google Duo is substituted by Meet, however, it appears that the business has some other intentions. Google did not forget its old Google Duo platform. As reported, a new upgrade in the form of a UI change will shortly be received.

The next new update will make the entire experience easier and convenient with a revamped home screen. The business focused on certain buttons to make the app more visible. The new design contains a "new call" on the home screen, so that in a couple of seconds you may start a new call. Apart from that, it is also easy to create groups and reach contacts.

Google's Still Investment Plans Duo

It is accomplished by moving the option "Create new groups" to "New Call." Well before the update, groups were created on the home screen with their very own unique button. Whereas the searches bar or button can be used to reach existing groups and contacts.

The home screen is also organized more than previously with the latest update and cleaner because the most essential functions can be reached with one button.

As part of its testing program, Google has implemented this feature for select users. A user from Twitter shows us how it's going to look.


In the next weeks, this new upgrade will make it easier to use the app's layout.

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