Google Messages prepares Samsung Continuity RCS integration

Google is preparing to incorporate Google's RCS message in order to operate with Samsung's Continuity function, according to some recent sources. This function allows users of Samsung's Tablet and Smartwatch to get Samsung smartphone calls and texts. In addition to this connection, the continuity function would allow the users to have access to incoming RCS messages and to react with Google Messages.

The first thing XDA-Developers discovered was the word string in the Android Messages app code. The wording relates to fresh approvals for the app.

The app may use Android Messages with this permission to transmit SMS/MMS/RCS. It has access, without further consent, to send messages.

If you don't know what the RCS is? It's an SMS protocol of next generation that improves SMS. It includes features like as payments, high-quality photo and file sharing, shared location, video calls and much more in a standard message application.

GSMArena indicates that Google Message opened the API for third-party applications handling RCS messages for the first time. Then, it was confirmed that Google Messages featuring this content are specifically built for Samsung's devices in Google Messages.

Permission is especially developed because the default out-of-the-box messaging application is Google Messages for Samsung. Previously, Samsung utilised its own One UI SMS app and it also supported RCS texting.

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