Google Pixel 6 Pro Appears Live Images With a Horizontal Cameras and Curved Display

It is scheduled for the start of the Google Pixel 6 line-up in October. Instead of the pixel 6 XL the series is tipped in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

We've seen CAD renderings and spec sheet leaks in order to corroborate the design we've seen on earlier leaks, but it has now been seen in real pictures.

These pictures show the Pixel 6 Pro with a curved display with a small selfie camera for the punch-hole. The display is nearly complete with very narrow bezels and a thin frame. No sensor can be observed anywhere in a physical fingerprint and instead suggests a sensor.

The back panel features a two-tone design and a three-camera horizontal arrangement with an LED lightning flash. A pericope zoom lens also appears to be included in this arrangement.

On the bottom of the back panel is included the model number "GR1YH." Previous sources suggest that this model number is in Pixel 6, which is believed to be Pixel 6 Pro and to be the "Raven" phone codename.

However, pixel gadgets from Google are made in Chinese and transported to the US, which puts doubt on the leak by claiming "Made in the US." This information should be taken with a salt kernel until Google confirms the design.

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