Government Alert National Export Development Board Increase Exports

31 members of the National Export development Board (NEDB), chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, have been announced by the Federal Government to improve Pakistan's competitiveness in exports.

Available documents with ProPakistani claimed that a notice about the composition of NEDB was issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

The Board of Directors will be chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan and will be Advisor to PM on Commerce, Planning, Development & Reform, Minister of Industry and Production, Minister of Finance and Revenue, Ministry for Energy, Minister for National Food Security, Pakistan State Bank Governor, Chair of the Federal Board of Directors, Secretary of Commerce and Finance

In addition, the Board may ask additional public sectors to participate in the agenda, which include the Foreign Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs, the Premier of Oil, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Head of the Provinces.

Furthermore, representatives of textiles, leather, pharmaceutical, engineering, rice, fruit and vegetables, agriculture, chirurgery, information technology and electronic commerce might be invited to the NEDB.

More members of diverse industries will be included in the Minister of Commerce in due course.

The Board's TORs will give strategic direction to enhance Pakistan's competitiveness in exports by continually allowing for an export environment and growing the company's export capacity.

The Department can also oversee the harmonisation, progress and implementation of the Strategic Trade Policy Framework and various industry-specific policy initiatives to serve as a surveillance and assessment platform to guide and support the respective institution responsible for promoting export-orientated foreign and local policies.

The NEDB meetings are held on a biweekly basis and MoC serves as the NEDB Secretariat.

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