Government Proposed 15 percent Special Allowance Army Officers

The Finance Ministry issued the federal cabinet a brief recommending that the military commanders be granted a special allocation.

The suggested stipend is 15 percent of youth and military officials' base salary according to papers accessible with ProPakistani.

This special allowance was suggested, according to sources in the ministry, to bridge the wage structure gap because of a lack of increases in the wages of military personnel during the last two years. If authorised, an extra Rs. 38 billion will be needed.

The ministry was seeking the Prime Minister's permission directly, but he asked the Cabinet to deal with the subject.

The Committee on Pay and Pensions has postponed the report submitted on government employees' increases in wages. The government workers were therefore awarded a 10% rise in the base salary and a 25% increase as an extra subsidy.

In accordance with budget 2021-22, the Commission proposed the Cabinet to provide an increase of 10 per cent in the wages and a special benefit of 15 per cent.

The overall wage rise for the military personnel by 25% if the proposal is adopted by the Cabinet.

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