Govt Building Technology Sialkot University for Rs. 17 Billion

The government of Punjab and its federal government agreed to finance the development of Sialkot's University of Applied Engineering and Emerging Technologies (UAEET).

The university is in direct collaboration with Australian and Chinese technologies and Dr. Atta Ur Rehman, Vice Chairman of the Technology-Driven Knowledge-Economy task group of President Imran Khan.

Initially, the UAEET will provide Bachelor and Masters in at least five main programmes, including industrial engineering, manufacturing and mechanics, engineering of chemicals and equipment, information technology, artificial intelligence and biotechnology, and business management courses. His main curriculum additionally contain two degrees in conjunction with institutions of international partners.

The overall project cost of Rs. 17 billion is scheduled to be funded equally by the relevant government departments.

For the building of a new project which will be finished within the coming five to six years, a 500-acre parcel of land near Sambrial was reserved. At least five universities and other streets including government agencies, a central library, the Mosque, and 3 campus dormitories would be located in the new institution.

The government is also planning to set up incubators for UAEET start-ups to welcome both small and medium-sized enterprises on request.

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