Govt Orders Investigating authorities Why PayPal does not come to Pakistan

In order to explore the question of the reluctance of PayPal to operate in Pakistan, the Senate Standing Committee on Finance has instructed the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Trade, and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

The Senate Standing Committee on Finance led by Senator Talha Mehmood gave a one-month deadline for the resolution of the problem in response to the complaint submitted in the Parliament House.

Members of the Committee noted that Amazon was functioning through PayPal, but was not operating in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Committee sought to determine what the hurdles prohibit PayPal from commencing its activities.

The Additional State Bank Director of Pakistan has said that Paypal was not denied by the SBP. The choice to operate in Pakistan is Paypal's own business. In other nations such as Turkey and Bangladesh, they are not active as well.

Official of SBP said that Paypal has no entrance obstacles. Visas and Master are operating in Pakistan, adds the additional Director State Bank of Pakistan, and we have not stopped Paypal working in Pakistan.

Another State Bank Director of Pakistan claimed that in the past the IT Ministry sought to bring payroll on Paypal but was unsuccessful.

The Committee further instructed the Minister of Trade to examine the issue more thoroughly to see if there was an impediment to its functioning in Pakistan.

The Committee approved the opinion of the Finance Secretary's proposal and presented a report to the Committee for one month to the Finance Ministry, the Ministry of commerce and the SBP.

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