Hackers have been using a new security defect to fully update iPhones

Hackers behind the SolarWinds supply chain assault recently attacked iOS security, putting millions of iPhones at the full risk of being updated. The cyber-assault was part of a malicious email campaign designed to rob Western European governments of Internet login credentials

The same hackers responsible for delivering malware to Windows users were behind this operation.

Maddie Stone and Clement Lecigne, Cybersecurity experts, revealed that "the probable Russian government-backed player" had used the undisclosed iOS vulnerability to send malicious messages through LinkedIn to government officers.

This feature targeted iOS versions 12.4 to 13.7 and sent users to domains where malware payloads were loaded on fully updated iPhones. It would gather authentication cookies and forward them to a hacker-controlled IP through a WebSocket from numerous prominent websites, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo.

It targeted not just iPhones but also left iPads with the same OS version vulnerable.

To make this attack work, the victim just has to have Safari open. In browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, site isolation was minimized.

In March this year, Apple patched the zero-day vulnerability, but this shows how readily consumers know the most guarded systems are hacked. It also affects completely updated devices, thus only future security fixes can be awaited.

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