HEC Issues Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programmes Clarification

The Higher Education Committee (HEC), which has been published in the context of HEC's Vice-chair committee meeting on 2 July 2021, has made it clear that all press and electronic media news articles on the deferment of four-year undergraduate and two-year associate-graduate programmes, are misleading, and incorrect.

Both programmes are intact and will begin as soon as possible. Action on 'Transition from the BA/BSc programme into the Associate degree programmes: phasing out of MA/MSc programmes' is to continue with letters and spirit in the implementation of the policies set out in the HEC Notification of 11 July 2019.

Dr Shaista Sohail, Executive Director, HEC and Prof. Dr Muhammad Ali, Chairman of the VC Committee / Vice Chancellor at the Universidad Quaid-e-Azam, chaired on 2 July 2021. A meeting of all Vice Chancellors was held jointly.

The conference was held at the request of vice-chancellors, who noted various problems in the execution of HEC's Ph.D. degree programmes undergraduate policy and policy (2021). The following suggestions for consideration were made by the Commission in conformity with the opinion of the majority.

It may be seen by the Commission, HEC's governing body, as a suggestion to postpone the implementation of the policies, namely undergraduate education policies and doctoral graduation policy (2021) until the fall of 2022.

For the fourth week of July 2021 a Committee of Vice-Chancellors would discuss challenges and come up with feasible solutions for a three-day term.

The summary would be sent to the Commission based on the recommendations of the vice-chancellors emphasising the factual position and urging that suggested modifications be allowed to make it possible that both policies should be implemented.

Undergraduate education policies and/or policies for Ph.D. programmes, institutions that are ready to adopt or have previously implemented can continue to execute these programmes, conscientiously.

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