Here’s the World Test Championship Schedule for Pakistan

Last week's first World Test Championship was completed with a highly anticipated final, which saw India be defeated by New Zealand as the first winners. In a five-matches test series set for August 2021, England faces India, this second edition of its WTC cycle is on the right around the corner.

Between August 2021 and June 2023, the second cycle of the WTC will take place. There will be a total of 9 teams, each of which will be playing six series, three locally and three away over a period of two years.

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In the first-ever WTC, Pakistan was a disappointing campaign that ended up sixth, with just four out of twelve matches being won. After finding a stable squad combination in their previous two series, Pakistan would hope to show better this time around.

In its previous WTC series, Pakistan had swept away South Africa and hopes that it would continue to move forward. The campaign in Pakistan begins with a two-match Test series to be played in August 2021 against West India in the Caribbean.

The first test series match will take place between 12-17 August and the second test match between 20-25 August. Sabina Park, Jamaica, will play both matches.

Let's take a look at the complete WTC schedule for Pakistan:

Series Number of Matches Home/Away Date
Pakistan vs West Indies 2 Away August 2021
Pakistan vs Bangladesh 2 Away November 2021
Pakistan vs Australia 2 Home Feb-Mar 2022
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2 Away Jul-Aug 2022
Pakistan vs New Zealand 2 Home Oct-Nov 2022
Pakistan vs England 3 Home Nov-Dec 2022

*Dates are not final and may be changed

Pakistan will be playing with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on two other away series; Australia, New Zealand and England will be played on their three home series. It is interesting to see whether these three cricketing nations accept a complete Test series of Pakistan.

Both New Zealand and Australia, depending on safety conditions, have indicated an interest in touring across the country, while England confirmed their T20I two-match visit later this year. This might indicate that Pakistan would play its home series instead of the United Arab Emirates in Pakistan (UAE).

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