Hike in Price of petroleum challenged in LHC

The recent increase in gasoline price at the Lahore High Court (LHC) challenged Saturday the applicant, Azhar Siddique, in the current fuel price issue.

He said that the government had jacked up oil prices once more. The increase in prices would lead to a further rise in price, the Court said and requested that the increase be annulled.

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On 30 June, after a two-week meeting with a Rs2 litre increase in petroleum, the oil ministry announced, through notice, an upward revision of oil prices.

Other oil items which witnessed the rise include high-speed diesel that was hiked to Rs113.99 by Re1.44, said the communication. In addition, Rs3.86 was increased to Rs85.7 in kerosene oil prices.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill's political communication assistant stated that the oil regulations initially suggested an increase in gasoline prices exceeding Rs6. Instead, the PM authorised only Rs2.


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