How much Pakistan has earned from Chinese Vaccine Clinical Trials

The Phase III clinical trials for one-dose COVID-19 vaccine created by China's pharmaceutical company, CanSinoBIO have paid $10 million to Pakistan.

Maj. Gen. Aamer Ikram, Executive Director of the national health institute (NIH), stated that CanSinoBIO phase 3 clinical trials were conducted at five Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi sites.

A number of Coronavirus vaccines have been carried out in Phase III clinical triales, presenting Pakistan with an opportunity to gain big income and a large exchange rate, and pharmazeuticals businesses worldwide including China, the United Kingdom, Korea and Japan.

In addition, the local manufacture of the vaccine CanSinoBio will earn Pakistan $30 million yearly. After a technological transfer from China, NIH started the autochthonous production of the CanSinoBIO vaccine in May. The vaccine is the first COVID-19 vaccine developed domestically in Pakistan and is known as the PakVac vaccination.

In co-operation with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, CanSinoBIO created its coronavirus Vaccine and tested it in large-scale PhaseIII clinical studies, including 40,000 participants, 10,000 of them in Pakistan in five countries.

The results demonstrate the impact of CanSinoBIO vaccination on symptom prevention 65 percent, while serious infection 91 percent. As for the Pakistani subgroup, it gave 75% protection from symptoms and 100% protection from serious illness.

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