Instagram Launches Security Checkup Prompt to Help People whose Accounts have been hacked

Instagram has launched a new security check for those whose accounts were before hacked. All these users will get an instant when login in to ask whether they wish to start a security check. Security Check guides people through the necessary steps to ensure their security. This includes checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming accounts sharing login information, and updating contact information for account recovery such as phone and email.

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Instagram also plans to launch two-factor authentication support via WhatsApp. Malicious DMing accounts have increased to attempt to acquire sensitive information such as passwords for accounts. The firm also cautioned its users not to send a DM to its users. Only emails are sent by Instagram. In the "Instagram Mail" tab in the settings, you may check whether an e-mail is authentic.

The company advised its users to make their accounts more secure by allowing two-factor authentication. Users will be informed when someone else tries to access their accounts after activating this feature.

Instagram said in a blog post,

We also have made important updates to our Support Inbox to help you find out what happens with your reports or whether one of your articles violates our standards. This includes the ability to easily view the status of all your reports on Instagram, to see which posts have broken our rules and how you may appeal those decisions.

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