Karachi University Goes Against HEC & SHC Students Confused

At a two-year BA / BSc and MA/MSc programme resumed in government and private institutions across Sindh, the Karachi University (KU) has challenged the Sindh government, Sindh High Court (SHC), and Higher Education Commission (HEC) decisions.

At the meeting of the KU's Academic Council last week, it was also resolved to defer implementation in colleges of the province until June of the next year of the two-year Associate Degree Programme, Higher Education Commission (HEC).

HEC warned students after KU news that their time and cash should not be lost by registering for illegal programmes including two-year degrees.

HEC underlined in an official statement that one institution has announced that admissions to the illegal BA/BSc and MA/MSc programmes for two years should continue. While the institution will profit financially from admittance, the students with these degrees will have a detrimental influence on their inability to work or continue their studies in the future.

Thousands of Sindh prospective students were left at a time when the contradictory statements were unsatisfactory whether they should accept admissions in the two-year programme.

In January, HEC phased down its Bachelor of Learning (BA/BSc) or MA/MSc programmes for two years under its Undergraduate Education Policy because of grave concerns about their quality.

Please be aware that the decision has been reached in 2004 to phase out and replace the two-year BA/BSc and MA/MSc programmes with the four years BS degree. However, throughout the transition phase until 2016, universities have been allowed to retain both systems.

Also in 2011, in alternative to the degree of BA/BSc, HEC launched a two-year Associate Degree. HEC's Associate Degree represents a 14-year training course that enables students to be admitted following compliance with the university's standards in the fifth half of each of these BS programmes.

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