KP to Deduct Absent Teachers' salaries

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwea administration decided to withhold teacher pay for instructors who take unsuccessful leaves in order to prevent teachers at government institutions from routinely skipping schools.

The Education Department has sent a notice that unauthorised absences now lead to deductions from its salary, to all district educators in this respect.

It further specifies that a daily wage is reduced for two days off in a month without consent, and increases are rejected for one year if the missing count is three.

In the instance of four unauthorised days off within a month, the department has said that the instructor will lose three years with two increments.

Biometric presence has also been essential in order to maintain openness in the scholastic attendance system and those who do not confirm their biometric presence are considered absent.

The Provincial Government also said that on 12 July instead of 15 August, the new academic year will begin. KP Education Minister Shahram Tarakai said that on Monday, all government institutions would begin registering elementary school pupils to class 9.

He said that his educational institutions will reopen for the elementary school through the middle classes at that day, notwithstanding the scorching in Peshawar.

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