Mainstream of education with contemporary subjects Madrassah

In order for all mdrazahs who have been registered to introduce those subjects that are currently part of secondary school certificates (SSC) and secondary high school (HSSC) programmes, the government adopted a project to establish the Directorate General for Reliable Education within the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

In order to integrate them in the mainstream school system, modern courses would be brought into Madrassah over five years.

Similar reforms were also implemented during the Musharraf era for religious seminaries, however the intended outcomes were not produced.

In a meeting of the Central Development Working Party (CDWP), headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Mohammad Jehanzeb Khanna, the project "Establishment of the Directorate General of Religious Education," costing Rs. 1,253.4 million was authorised.

The programme aims to mainstream Islamic education in Pakistan by introducing current courses into the Madrasahs after they have been registered with the Federal Ministry of Education and Training.

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