Matric Paper Leak Controversy exposes BSEK Chairman

Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, Chairman of the Karachi Board for Secondary Education (BSEK), is said to have been foul play in the physical question paper of the social media examination of the Matriculation Board just minutes after it has been received in the test centre by applicants.

Shah spoke on Monday on the Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath Geo News show and stated he was accused of participation of the CCOs in the event.

The president claimed that the CCOs were primarily responsible for distributing the examination question papers to the examining centres, and he revealed that the distribution time was delayed due to the CCO's failure to reach the hub for collecting the questionnaires in good time. The staff of the Board had to provide documents to the centres thereafter.

The late beginning of the examination both the pupils and their parents were annoyed.

Shah said the CCOs seemed to be participating in the plot and said that their duties were removed.

"They won't fulfil that task any more. The orders of the CCO were revoked. Now they will collect paper from the hubs and forward it to the examination centres," he said.," he added.

The Chairman said that the Board of Directors has also expanded the number of hubs from 11 to 18 so that documents are delivered on time.

"We're going to establish a system to prevent papers from leaking in the future, because of administration issues," he continued.

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