Microsoft and Google End 6-Year Truce

In 2015, Microsoft and Google made an agreement to stop any disputes between the two firms, and most of them worked successfully. This agreement expired in April 2021, however, the agreement was ended instead of being renewed by both firms.

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The terms of this truce were that, instead of going to court, both corporations agreed to resolve differences at the highest level. The agreement also provided the two companies in areas such as safety and quantum computing with a mutual interest.

The truce was a means for the two technology giants to compete without going into the legal battle, but the internal sources familiar with the issue said the agreement was falling apart. These sources indicate that Microsoft and Google throughout the years have been using "dirty tricks" to commercially damage each other.

For example, since this truce has ended, both firms are changing the controversial Australia Media Law and Google is claiming that Microsoft is going back to its old tricks.

A new set of antitrust rules against Big Tech has been recently implemented in the United States, and most of these firms have argued against these. The success of such laws, however, remains to be determined, since several authorities and regulators still need approval.

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