Ministry of Commerce Identifies the new export diversification product sector

A Meeting has been called to examine the challenges of salt industry and export improvement plans by Premier Abdul Razaq Dawood as advisor to the Premier for Commerce and Investment.

The All Pakistan Salt Association (APSA) and top ministerial personnel participated in the conference. The APSA President greeted the Association and thanked the Advisor throughout the discussions.

The President was thankful that the Ministry of Commerce is strongly interested in improving exports and in promoting potential exports for each industry and product. During his presentation he informed the House that Pakistan possesses the world's second largest salt resource but that its exports are relatively low. He also said that owing to poor mining practises, the waste rate is quite significant.

During the discussion of the government's role, he told the industry that the salt-related chemical business cannot develop owing to neglect. He believes that if the government supports the export of salt to the chemical companies all over the world, up to 1 billion dollars may be generated.

He further told the house that APSA is initiating a major initiative for industrial production of Sun Salt in Gwadar. The project will be built in phases and has a size of about $750 million. In two years' time, the first stage will be completed. Following the beginning of the first phase, the project will raise the exports by about $400-500 million.

Near addition, another leading APSA member revealed his proposed Soda Ash project in Khushab

He stated that a large number of local workers would be engaged and exports will also rise if this initiative is effectively launched.

The APSA told the Advisor that Mining Salt was subject to a sales tax at the excavation phase of this budget, as impoverished workers are involved in mining, which would severely affect the industry as a whole. It asked him to seek the FBR for a review of the mining sales tax

Dawood promised to deal with the authorities concerned and the APSA assured him that he was fully committed to improving Pakistani exports.

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