Mohammad Hafeez Announces His Retirement Plan

Mohammad Hafeez, an all-rounder veteran, said that he would not want to retire from cricket soon. Hafeez said that as long as he is fit and can play at the top level, he would continue.

Hafeez said that his fitness levels he pays particular attention to. He stated he's one of the best guys in the dressing room, although he was 40 years old, and that he can compete in the team with the youngsters.

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His critics, who questioned his selection by the team due to his age, were disappointed. The middle-class batter. He stated that his performances in the field were ignored and focused exclusively on his age. He added that the views of the cricket fans are always respected and they are entitled to criticise his squad selection based on his performances.

He also said that his National Team selection is justified not because of his age due to his performances in the past year. Hafeez said that only by making and playing match-winning knocks can he be won over critics.

The 40-year-old has stated his goal of winning the Pakistan World Cup and is focusing on the next T20 World Cup in October. Hafeez stated he had an illustrious career, but only a part of a World Cup-winning team does not exist. He said he wanted to play a crucial role in winning the World Cup in his nation before hanging up his boots.

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