Multiple files infringement of patent in related to OPPO Nokia Files

In relation to SEPs and non-SEP patents, Nokia has filed numerous cases against OPPO. These patents deal with interface, connection and safety aspects. In Europe and Asia, Nokia has filed complaints.

In 2018, a multi-annual licence agreement was reached between Nokia and OPPO. However, this lawsuit shows the agreement is over. Nokia also publicly declared the refusal by OPPO of the contract renewal offer and thus had to take legal measures as Oppo continues to utilise the patents. The Nokia spokesman feels that the situation still exists in a more positive way.

Nokia has several patents and inked royalty agreements with Samsung, Apple, LG, Lenovo and Blackberry. After all, it has quite a number of patents.

OPPO found Nokia's "shocking" conduct, on the other hand. The business also felt that the patent authorization was dishonoured under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions.

"OPPO respects and defends intellectual property rights of both its own and third parties and is dedicated to collaboration in the field of benign patent applications. OPPO objects to inappropriate consultations, such as the use of lawsuit as an instrument,"

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