Netflix may launch a Stadia and Xbox Cloud game streaming service
There are rumors that Netflix will be streaming services over the Internet. In fact, Netflix is working on a video game streaming service of its own according to a new report from Bloomberg. Google's stadia and Xbox cloud services will be objected to its new service.

Like the previous services, Netflix allows you to play cloud stuff without having to need strong hardware. Netflix has just recruited Mike Verdu from EA, which makes sense to develop in-house games. It also states that already subscribed users would be able to obtain the service.

Mike Verdu worked on Sims, Plants versus Zombies, several Zynga games, Farmville, and Star Wars for those who don't know. We might also imagine how Netflix would give its customers what kind of games.

Netflix may increase the subscription fee. It may be possible. In fact, titles may be available from third parties but we are not sure if triple-A tracks will also be available at launch. Finally, Netflix plans to start the service out of the Netflix app because Apple's Arcade and Google Stadia are likely to be ignored.

No information on this has yet been provided by Netflix. But in the next few days, we hope to get specific data. Tell us until then what do you expect of this Netflix service?

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