New Update to the Google Messages App will Enable Easy Sorting to Conversations

Some android phones throughout the world have Google messages, the default message application. And now, Google will introduce a major update to help users get a lot more convenient. The messaging app includes several useful features.

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Google has just announced that it would develop a new category feature. The latest update includes machine classification task through personal transactions, offers, transactions and personal standard messages (for chats with saved contacts).

New Update to the Google Messages App will Enable Easy Sorting to Conversations
Source: androidauthority

The screenshot above clearly shows how your messages are sorted following the Google Messages new update. Google said in a blog post,

It all happens on your device safely to keep your chats in the app and to have your categorised messages offline accessible.

The new update is expected to provide consumers with a lot of convenience. It allows people to find the texts they really want instantly. However, with the latest update, several new capabilities are also available for Google's Messaging app. The search engine company has announced the automatic deletion of Google Messages after a day. This feature is not required f, soo if you like, you may ignore it if you like this update.

The new update will be launched soon and requires an Android 8 Oreo or a higher OS. However, the firm did not give a date but we believe that it will soon be launched all over the world.

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