NITB Introduces Messaging App for Govt Employees

To ensure better, efficient and safer formal communication the federal Government will launch a unified communication and collaboration platform.

The platform was designated as the "Beep Pakistan" by the National Information Technology Board (NITB).

In advance of the Beep Pakistan launch, Faisal Iqbal Ratyal, DG Project Management Office (PMO), claimed that the app will include a wide range of features, including messaging, audio and video conferencing services.

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Initially, 20,000 top government individuals responsible for decision-making would be launched at Beep Pakistan. In the following step, the scope of the application will be extended to other government officials.

When asked about the logic behind Beep Pakistan, he told the government that after a cyber-attack the mobile devices of neighbouring nation government employees were penetrated by a dedicated platform for official communication and sensitive government info were being ignored.

In the face of the cyber assault in the neighbouring state, the government decided to shift official communication to an internally controlled platform so that any sensitive material in the event of cyber attacks could be added or removed.

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