Nokia will launch 5G flagship on November 11

Nokia previously had to face its fate with a smartphone launch, formerly one of the leading mobile manufacturing brands. The firm had to see failure by relying on the outdated mobile manufacturing units and its CEO admitted the mistake of not using the flow. Later, with Nokia 9 PureView, which did not wow the market again, the firm offered a major coming back.

We found rumours about the launch of Nokia 9.1 and 9.2 later on and 9.3 PureView most recently and we have got new launch dates from time to time. Now, the race has ended and we all know that Nokia 5G Flagship, which starts in China from 11 to 11 November, known as Singles' Day, is a major shopping event that takes place every year in China.

The report is official because it comes from Zhang Yucheng, the China HMD Product Manager.

Moreover, we don't know any of the above devices, because the device has been manufacturing for a long time and the specs extracted from the leaks are not even remembered. As Nokia has changed its plans, we expect that the smartphone will not bear a 9.3 naming screen.

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The upcoming Nokia X50 comes with a 108 MP camera and the S775 chipset if the smartphone is ready to fit into the X series. Other expected specs include a Zeiss optic display of 6.5" 1440p+ with a refresh speed of 120 Hz and a 6 000 mAh battery, the main, telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. These specifications appear even better than X20 and X10 than the previous smartphones. The device is going to lie between flagship devices, I guess.

These are only our speculations and nothing is yet confirmed. We must wait till the launch. Later on, the device will also start globally.

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