Now enjoy Telenor Free Snapchat

Telenor Pakistan offers its users Snapchat free of charge, in line with its goals to enable and empower Pakistanis via innovative services and products.

First, in the business, Snapchat, the world's leading social media platform, is created by Telenor. This makes Telenor Pakistan the first carrier to become a true reality for Pakistani clients and to produce interactive Snapchat lenses.

By dialing *915#, members of Telenor may now experience Snapchat for free. This step helps not only new users to enjoy the joyful and dynamic platform, but also enables existing users to deal with Telenor and Snapchat's customized lenses.

To enable Telenor users to use a popular social media app free of charge, Snapchat will have the opportunity to contact new customers.

Telenor Pakistan continuously works to deliver a wider range of apps and services to its customers. The firm has also officially launched offerings like Free WhatsApp and Free First Call, the newest step in this regard being the Snapchat partnership.

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