Oppo Planned to Conduct Future AI With 6G in 2035

Although a decade from the next generation of mobile network technology, Oppo is still talking about big ambitions for the future. The Chinese brand published a white paper on 6G and how AI may alter our everyday life.

Oppo thinks that 6G will be able, according to its white paper:

Redesign how people engage with AI and become a genuinely public serving technology for all.
Autonomous cars would be one of its uses and how they may assign "the suitable AI algorithm" for effective communication depending on the position of subjects and the surrounding environment. Vehicles may educate each other how to make passengers travel safest and most comfortable.

The lead 5G scientist Henry Tang at Oppo predicts 6G will be standardised in 2025, with a marketing expectation of 2035. He says that the number of people in the world in IA units worldwide will greatly surpass. This facilitates the collaboration and communication of AI units in creating a network to address people's needs.

The white paper mainly provides a concept of an ideal 6G world. Much work has to be done yet, but Oppo at least has already set up a 6G technology pre-research team.

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