Pakistan Aims To Bring Cryptocurrency Out Of The Dark

No surprise cryptocurrency has a huge rise in the country. Moreover, the country has seen huge mining and trading growth in cryptocurrency, with interest rates increasing as a result of thousands of online trading activities.

In addition, a committee to oversee specific cryptocurrency rules was established by the Federal Government. The FATF observers, federal ministers, and heads of intelligence agencies in the nation will also be there.

Ali Farid Khwaja, a member of the committee, said in this regard: "Half of the members had no idea what it was and did not even wish to understand. But someone who formed this committee is excellent. It is approved by the relevant government bodies that must accomplish things, and it is promising that no one will stand in the way of technical innovation."

In fact, the Central Bank Head of the nation, Reza Baqir, said that the Authority is evaluating the possibility of transactions in a suitable legal context.

Universities work on proper blockchain networks through grants of over one million USD in order to speed up cryptocurrency in the country. This allows users to connect Bitcoin to applications and use the network.

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